RIYL: Trensmat

Label: Pawlacz Perski

After writing up that dub techno compilation yesterday, by the name of Doubts, I decided to look in to Polish label Pawlacz Perski a bit more to see what else there is to write up. I think I can keep myself busy for a wee bit. 3FoNIA’s Mneme is an acrid meditation on electronica on the first side. I envision myself walking up to the forest you can see on the damaged album cover to watch the thick, black smoke rise up in to the cloud-thatched skies. The first side of Mneme woos you and feels supernatural. The second side of Mneme sends chills down my spine with how grating the sound of the bow scraping against the strings is – it’s reminiscent of someone scratching their nails against the chalkboard for me. It’s just infuriating. This is an endurance test like none other. If you can make it through this track for the first nine minutes, my hat’s off to you. At roughly that nine minute mark, I don’t mind it. Something tells me this reaction is what Mazurkiewicz might have been going for… Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Mneme below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

"Mneme" contains two recorded live real time compositions revealing a variety of approaches to a contrabass idiom. In the first one electronic exorcism bring out the rough matter of a difficult to identify nature from the body of the instrument. In the second composition the secret treatments carried out by using a bow introduce us into a folklore influenced trance.
released September 9, 2015

Music, recording, production: Jacek Mazurkiewicz
Design: Laura Kudlińska
Release date: 9 September 2015
Release formats: cassette + digital

Price $5.64

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