RIYL: plunderphonics, vaporwave

Label: Celldeath

I figured it’s about time I checked back in on Celldeath. It’s Friday. I’m fried… but still pulling OT tomorrow. This album is a fever dream, and this is the first time I’d call an album such – being awake is like that right now for me. I could try to plug this in to a translator for poor results, or ask Taiwanese friends of mine to translate, but whatever. I can’t understand Mandarin at all, which this is comprised entirely of (down to the samples), so this leaves me even more in the dark. This sounds like vaporwave, except it didn’t take some generous sips from a suspicious red colored bottle filled with proco – it just ordered a truckload, dumped in in to an Olympic sized swimming pool, and then started sitting in it for, well, forever. For a bit under an hour, if you want to feel like you got your drink spiked this is a good choice or if you want to feel like you’ve lost control… this is nice. Listen to the album below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

All cassettes were dubbed in real time on an Akai deck. Comes in a clear Norelco double case with two double-sided, full color, reversible J-cards. Cassettes also include over 25 minutes of bonus material unavailable digitally!

Price $12

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