RIYL: Sculpture

Label: Always Human Tapes

I’m sure Alex Jones and his InfoWars cabal would have a field day with this cassette cover. Horus, a pharoah, stars, and other figures surrounding a pyramid. I’m not sure whether they’d take the Satanic angle, the Illuminati angle, or both. Satanists and the Illuminati (if they even exist…) are both shadowy and surrounded with mystique, and this album certainly inspires one to look elsewhere at least from the two tracks we can hear at the moment. “~Trans Sub Rosa~” is a bit of a feint, or so I can tell, with its minimalist experimental workings walking the line between Sculpture and oblivion. “Ready-Made Multiverses” with its playtime of 4:20 is like a constantly jamming MAC10 with its crashing synth chords, splaying themselves up against the rocky shore that is the swaying, woozy bass line. If you hold to the theory of an infinite multiverse, perhaps this is what you get to hear if you take that fabled journey across time planes. Listen to the two tracks available below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Deranged electro experiments from the sunken pyramid.

Price $7

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