RIYL: Aphex Twin, Plastikman

Label: Jacktone Records

I’m not sure the tape cover to Spatial Relations could get any more 90s-tastic than what you see now. The cover looks like it could’ve been the movie poster for some dystopian sci-fi film with enough camp to allow to sit in the midnight circuit for years to come. It’s a darkling sphere covered with iridescent oil, and you might as well call it the embodiment of acid techno in picture form. The 303 (or at least an imitation of the influential Roland synthesizer model) is on here in full force along with a smattering of other sources that are “period-correct” if you will. However, there are some anachronisms – again, play along with me. For example, the fifth track “displacement” sounds like early dubstep if it took its genetics from acid techno lineage and not dub reggae and UK garage. If you feel like taking a crash course through memory lane, a la the 90s, listen to the Bandcamp stream of Spatial Relations below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

After self-releasing impressive experimental techno the past few years, Oakland's Vidiian arrives on Jacktone with the fully-realized 11-track acid exploration, "Spatial Relations." Vidiian has mastered his craft, producing acid soundscapes perfectly accented by lush melodic pads and anchored by complex percussion and breaks.

This is, at once, an intricate headphone album and very much a late-night rewire-your-brain release for the adventurous. For fans of: Luke Vibert/Plug, The Black Dog, Rising High Records and Planet Mu.

Mastered by Ben Versluis
Artwork provided by Vidiian
Design by Darren Cutlip

Price $9

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