RIYL: techno

Label: Pawlacz Perski

The event horizon is characterized as the outer boundary of a black hole, where life (or, much of anything really) more or less ceases to exist… but hey, if you’re here at Sly Vinyl, you already knew that since you’re of the utmost intelligence. Umba’s version of the edge of oblivion positions you, the listener, at a premiere vantage point among this event horizon to bear witness to the congeries of techno and its lemmings Artur Marcinkowski has cooked up. It hops from the dark and dank industrial track “Norilsk,” to “Capsule” which encapsulates (excuse the word) a sampler in of itself of electronica. Up after that is “Lakes of Titan” which sounds as if it could have been on Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works II¬†and after that is “No Gravity” which International Music System might have made if they had a modern bent to their production techniques. “Event Horizon” has the urgency of a boss battle and last but not least is the meditative “Nebula” which is an apt closing track. Listen to¬†Event Horizon below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

"Event Horizon" is the first cassette release by Artur Marcinkowski who mainly deals with vigorous varieties of techno music. The mini-album is a cross-section through his oeuvre, includes both erupting with dance floor pep tracks and dreamy, contemplative recording.

Music: Artur Marcinkowski
Mastering: MichaŇā Wolski
Graphic: Gosia SŇāomska
released November 13, 2014

Price $5.57

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