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Label: Always Human Tapes

Opening with some lines from the first Terminator film, The Worm wastes no time immersing you in their world of technoir. “Nice night for a walk, eh?” “Nothing clean, right?” Arnold’s iconic deadpan parroting of these lines brings back the stoic grimace he maintains as the killer android from the future in to clear view. Live At Technoir proceeds in to a more-or-less era-correct brand of techno, being heavily acidic and informed by darkwave. The title’s quite literal, as this was done live and then burned straight to tape for your listening pleasure. This cassette has no track listing and frankly it doesn’t need one. Each track bleeds in to the other with little effort, and the lengthy playtime of each track becomes illusory. It’s almost as if, like that Travelogue cassette I wrote up, you can tune in at any time and you’ll be fine. Although, I do recommend starting from the beginning to get the full experience of the odyssey. Listen to Side A of the tape below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Synced up gear hooligans Heckadecimal and Naughty Wood are the Worm. Their hydra-headed, acid-spitting project returns with another live session burned straight to tape. Recorded live at Technoir at the Kitty Cat Klub in Minneapolis.

mastered by duplx
releases March 3, 2017

Price $7

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