RIYL: techno

Label: Always Human Tapes

Well, what do you know, another solid Always Human Tapes release graces our presence and just in time for the weekend no less. The two tracks available for preview have me sold already. Moni Moni pumps out minimal dub techno a la Basic Channel – techno that still feels ahead of our time. “Incision” reminds me of “Inversion,” except it delves a bit more heavily in to the ambient side of its production. It progresses slowly, but surely, and you’ll find yourself caught in the moment and wondering where the time went as you roll along with the syncopated groove – something a good techno track should do. “Hyper Sensation” sticks to techno roots, but definitely plays to what you can see on the cover a bit more than “Incision” with its pitch black synths gurgling away. If you need something to get you over the Friday hump to the weekend, grab a copy. Listen to¬†Moni Moni¬†below by listening to the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Includes digital pre-order of Moni Moni. You get 2 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released.

Price $7

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