RIYL: Apes on Tapes, Backwords, Petit Singe, Gropina, Black Job, Machweo

Label: OOH-sounds

From flirtations with future garage, industrial techno, first wave (if you will) dubstep, and woozy beat music, it’s got an electronic music connoisseur covered. All of these remixes, save for Black Job’s remix of “In The City,” could bang in your nearest nightclub or whip. However, I could definitely see Black Job’s remix of “In The City” being used in the moments leading up to a runway show. Backwords’ remix of “Voodoo Puppet” might be my favorite remix on this cassette, with it evoking the likes of the spastic, vibrant production of Thomas Fec’s Tobacco project. Petit Singe’s “South Wind” remix and Gropina’s “Surinamé” remix (probably my second favorite track on this tape) will throw you back to when dubstep wasn’t wrought with predictable drops at every corner – think Kode9 or Burial. More or less, all of these may differ in genre but their production is packed with dubby nuances (which naturally comes with the territory on some of them). Listen to the Bangalore Remixes below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Following Bangalore's stunning 2014 namesake debut EP, OOH-sounds and Elastica Records here join forces to drop six remixed versions of the original release by the like of Apes on Tapes, BACKWORDS, Petit Singe, Gropina, Black Job and Machweo. The EP is available for free streaming/download.


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buy BANGALORE original EP here: www.junodownload.com/products/bangalore/2470709-02/
released February 3, 2015


OOH-sounds / Elastica

Master Stardelta Mastering UK
Artwork IncepBOY

(p)&(c) OOH-sounds 2015

Price $7.81

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