RIYL: Gothic folk

Label: Auditory Field Theory

Only roughly twenty minutes ago, I got off of a 12 hour shift at work and I am equal parts exhausted and somewhat stressed. However, this is where Clara Engel comes in with Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss. The Toronto artist enlisted the help of numerous musicians to knit together these, as Auditory Field Theory describes, “minimalist avant-blues hymns;” Aidan Baker is a name you might recognize among the album’s credits. Engel’s voice is the definition of smoky; think not too far removed from Chan Marshall, but not as gravelly. Engel’s music will take you in its proverbial arms and rock you softly to sleep as the coils burn above you in a field blanketed with lush, tall grass and you gaze at the fireflies flickering in the air. Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss focuses on the journey, and doesn’t want to rush to its conclusion. Listen to Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

An entrancing and emotional vision invoking the lore of Gothic folk. These minimalist avant-blues hymns were originally recorded for solo guitar and voice but further enriched with contributions from musicians around the world.


A1 SWANS (04:56)
A3 SWALLOW ME (06:51)

Clara Engel voice on all tracks, electric guitar on A1, A3, B1, acoustic guitar on A2 and B2
Siavash Amini guitar drone on B1
Aidan Baker electric guitar and bass drone on B2
Bryan W Bray electric guitar on A2, A3
Tomathy Daly Chandler bowed baritone guitar, saxophone on A3
Leah Dolgoy autoharp on B2
Nate Greenslit percussion on A2 and B2
Heidi Harris ambient sounds on A2
Thor Harris flute, marimba, vibes on A3, vibes and xylophone on B2
Dash Lewis modular synth, voice on A1
Dominic Marion electric guitar on B1
Adam Matlock accordion, viola harmonics, voice on A2 accordion on A3
Meg Mulhearn violins on A3
Armen Ra theremin on B2
Phoenix York: modular synth and field recording on B2

Engineered and Mixed by Mitchell Girio
All Songs Written and Performed by Clara Engel
Toronto, Canada 2015

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