RIYL: Undercover Brother, Viewed from above, Severence, Proud/Father, Cave Space, Monochromacy, Okkoto, AMULETS

Label: Tectorum Tapes

I’m taking a pause from packing up to write this up right quick. I got wind of this from Aidan Hanratty’s wonderful Bandcloud email – if you haven’t already signed up for that, I encourage you to do so. You might not be familiar with Tectorum Tapes, and that’s not due to you not being hip enough – this limited cassette is the North Carolina label’s debut release. One artist featured on here is one I’ve written about a couple of times before, which is AMULETS. The way this tape is sequenced opens with an enigmatic and serenely hopeful (I use these descriptors relatively) first half as it careens towards the heavens, then the second half of the tape takes a dive in to a tar pit. For ambient and dark ambient lovers, there’s bound to be something you’ll be fond of. If you’re not entirely sure you want to spend $5 for a tape, then the label does offer a “name your price” option for the digital download at press time. Listen to the tape below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

This compilation is born out of a collaboration between nearly 20 artists, musicians, and creative types. It has been a labor of love.

We hope you enjoy it.

Six talented video artists were given 100% freedom to visual the tracks from this release. Check out the videos: goo.gl/rlkVBG
released July 25, 2016

Art: michaelstevensonjr.com
Mastering: laminalaudio.com
Tape Production: crypticcarousel.com

Price $5

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