RIYL: Cherushii, Golden Donna, Aquarium, Body-san, Albinos, 555, Unknown Mobile, RAMZi, Moon B, American Landscape Painting, Rod Hamilton & Tiffany Seal, Soul Ipsum, Akasha System and more

Label: New Information

Styles for Relaxation is a one-off in two ways. The first being that this cassette is likely the only time these specific 20+ artists come together to contribute to a gestalt and the second being that this release will likely be the sole release for New Information. Some familiar names you might notice are Cherushii and Golden Donna, 100% Silk residents, and I won’t lie and say I recognize all the other names. This is advertised as a two hour tape program, so your fifteen dollars is definitely not going to be pissed away by purchasing this. You’ll hear ambient, minimal techno, dub techno, chill/vaporwave, old school house, beat music and other songs that go between. Overall, the title doesn’t lie and this is meant to put on when you kick back and take a load off. This is something Chris Cantalini (Gorilla vs. Bear) would probably dig if that gives you an idea of what to expect. Listen to Styles for Relaxation below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

- Program 1 -

Side A:
(00:00) - Body-san - "Claymation"
(03:11) - Albinos - "Dawn Animal Dance"
(08:35) - Unknown Mobile - "Peewee"
(13:50) - RAMZi - "Fortitune" (feat. D. Tiffany)
(19:30) - Moon B - "Sunset445"
(22:46) - American Landscape Painting - "Trainyard"

Side B:
(00:00) - 555 - "Nothing Dies, Nothing is Ever Born"
(03:39) - Rod Hamilton & Tiffany Seal - "Ocean City"
(07:23) - Soul Ipsum - "Plea Bargain"
(12:00) - Akasha System - "You Know"
(17:36) - Cherushii - "Cabo Blanco"
(23:49) - Golden Donna - "Reverse Electra"

- Program 2 -

Side A:
(00:00) - Raica - "Bloo Lyt"
(06:27) - Orthographic Figure - "Friend Role-Play"
(12:00) - Gary Safe - "The Soft Demand"
(14:31) - Moon B - "A Break To Breathe"
(16:22) - Ruf Dug & Jack Doepel - "TV Sky"
(23:48) - NV - "ночной звонок"

Side B:
(00:00) - Aquarium - "After the Rain"
(04:45) - Body-san - "Nitery Routines"
(10:12) - WAV Fuzz - Window"
(15:47) - HOVE - "Silver Circles"
(22:11) - Krycek - "Baikal Reflection"
releases January 1, 2017


*Download includes all 4 tape sides + all 23 individual tracks!

Mastered by Joel Shanahan.

- Acknowledgements -
Wes Gray, Alex Hall, Brandon Knocke, Drew LaBarre, Aaron Wolpasky. Special Crest to Joel Shanahan.

Produced by Andrew Heuback
Distributed by New Information
PO Box 14551, Portland, OR 97293 USA

An important note: this was not designed to promote a brand or represent any sort of scene or movement. It is released without a label and exists solely for fun and mood-inspiration.

Price $15

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