RIYL: This Will Destroy You, K.C. Accidental, The For Carnation

Label: Spring Break Tapes!

I wrote up Heroes of the Second Story Walk-Up‘s vinyl release late last year, but, living up to its namesake, Spring Break Tapes! has released the album on a limited edition cassette tape. “Ask For The Omega Man” is the lone track available for preview, provided by the label, but it’s definitely enough to make up your mind on whether you’re interested in the album or not. The song starts out with a triumphant emotion, with the laid-back riffs slowly building on top of one another. The crackle of a vinyl record plays in the background (we’ve come full circle…), and you’re just preparing for a bombastic climax. However, the song retracts in to its shell with the echoes of its reverb bouncing to and fro near the end. Around this time, the song reminds me of Feel Good Lost or K.C. Accidental’s oeuvre which is more like a nice cup of tea instead of an Irish carbomb for an ending. Listen to “Ask For The Omega Man” below via the Soundcloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Spring Break Tapes started as a cassette label and there is no intention to change that direction. It did occur to me that releasing vinyl in a strange way might have deterred people from checking out the new Fun Years release, Heroes Of The Second Story Walk-Up.

So we made a super limited edition cassette for those true to their tape game.
J-cards are made from recycled silver foil vinyl jackets so each one is unique.

Super limited edition of 50.
Digital download code included.
Stickers too while they last.

The Fun Years are still Ben Recht and Isaac Sparks.

Price $7

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