RIYL: Charalambides, F√ľxa, Grouper

Label: Fort Evil Fruit

Burren Mount is built atop a graveyard strewn with degrading smutty VHS tape reels, emptied baggies from ski trips, pulverized cassettes, Betamax tapes here and there, sun-bleached posters of Blade Runner & The Warriors, along with some Reagan/Bush presidential buttons. Along with all this paraphernalia, you might see some rotting fruit and flyers of numerous dangerous fad diets.¬†Burren Mount is a gaze in to a timespan some genuinely liked, and most try to forget ever existed. If you’re jonesing for a trip to the land of rainbows & unicorns, but don’t want to botch that piss test you’ve got in a few days,¬†Burren Mount can assist in somewhat simulating that experience; either for that, or if you’d like to wax existential.¬†The Cube of Unknowing has you swimming in a thick pool of¬†decadent ingredients, ranging from stuff akin to¬†Peter Van Hoesen to Stars of the Lid to Hype Williams. Listen to¬†Burren Mount below via the Bandcamp stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released May 24, 2016

Written and produced by Francis Heery, Munich, 2015
Photography by Declan Kelly

The Cube of Unknowing is an alter-ego of Francis Heery, a composer and sound artist currently based in Berlin. Burren Mount takes its name and inspiration from a mysterious, anachronous, semi-abandoned hotel overlooking the waterfront in Salthill, Galway.
Conceived as a partly-decomposed mixtape, the album weaves together tattered fragments of dissolving synths, blurred rhythms and other sonic visitations.
The result evokes the romanticism of late night end-credits, displaced soundtracks, straight-to-video erotica, unidentified radio transmissions and covert experiments in the basement of the local ESB station . . . .

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