RIYL: musique concrète

Label: Celldeath

Concept Nouveau N°1 deserves a sequel as far as I’m concerned. stairway mantras’ album is comprised of dank (I use this in its meme sense and its unironic sense) musique concrète and, somehow, new age and vaporwave that makes you want to experience noir a la the world in grayscale. Concept Nouveau N°1 effortlessly whisks you back in time and in to a decrepit mansion, with the paint peeling and flaking off the walls. There’s a torrential downpour outside and the windows are smashed out, with this cassette blaring in to this bourgeoisie tomb. You’re lying on the ground staring at an elaborately stenciled ceiling. You’ve got an empty bottle of Stolichnaya along with an ashtray, giving host to so much smoke you’re getting a buzz merely being close to it.  As you gaze out in to the humid air, you see chairs and a dining table falling apart next to the window and you start seeing the ghosts of what could have been. Listen to Concept Nouveau N°1 below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

It is her story.

Growing up under these circumstances made life quite difficult.
44ㅇ7. She never learned to say "No."
At first, she left him for the fame. Then, he came back to her.
He could never even get close to meeting her expectations.
After everyone left, she was totally alone.
Doing the right things was always hard for her.
University of Illinois, Chicago. 1999 - 2003.
"You'll only get two chances to find your true love," they said.
She stayed with him, until the end. The picture of the Hanging Gardens on the wall.
Her right hand's fingers touched the ground. Playing the piano.
Wrong feelings / feeling wronged. The narrative voice in her head. Biting her nails.
He was wrong, but he was already gone. Everlasting sorrow.
"You should maybe see a doctor," they said. Extra dimensional beings and Acupuncture: Di4 3E5 Lu7.
After all, it was not her fault. She was just not ready. She was so talented.
She never learned to say "No," and that's what made her break.
She left for the moon. And she got there.
"It is so sad, she's gone," they said. Actually, it was the best possible ending, I suppose.
"She was not in odd with time. Time was in odd with her."
released September 23, 2016

Price $6

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