RIYL: Felicia Atkinson, Colleen, Recycle Culture

Label: self-released

When that clarinet comes around on “Early Morning,” it really hits the spot. “Early Morning,” side A to this 78 minute long tape, is meant to ease you in to consciousness, or out of it depending on when you turn it on. I’m pretty wasted from a long week at work (not because it’s Cinco de Drunko), so as I listen it’s making my eyes heavy. “Early Morning” is quite whimsical, especially for being on the ambient side of the spectrum. I’ll be buying a copy after I’m done writing this up from Side A alone… I wouldn’t mind having this rouse me from bed. Side B, “Late Afternoon,” is a blending of old school house and dance music. It’s like Space Jam knows exactly who I am or something. “Late Afternoon,” while picking up the pace, keeps to the sleepy nature of the sonic gestalt put forth. This one’s a buy for me. Listen to the previews below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

"In the music, the village never ends." - Letta Mbulu

A close friend, rabble-rousing DJ and all around v-i-b-e aficionado, Space Jam approaches the line to knock down two distinct, classy aF sides for her SUSMIX02 mixtape entry. As a co-host on one of The Lot Radio's best programs every Monday morning with fellow SUSMIX selector, Kroba, as well as a founding member of probably our favorite crew of DJs ever, TURRBOTAX, we're in good hands on the soothing, bumping, exceedingly fun Early Morning / Late Afternoon.

Channeling the warm, exploratory atmosphere of her radio show, Early Morning on side A weaves together an intricately layered tapestry of fuzzed out harmonies, ambient synth vistas and sunrise seances to ease even the grumpiest of bears into a pleasant, third eye-opening awakening.

On the flip, Space Jam kicks into a higher gear with a deep dive into her dance record collection, soundtracking the Late Afternoon backyard BBQ with a no-nonsense set of house, disco and boogie that's destined to bring out the diva in you.

There are 50 copies of the 78-minute mixtape available. A small portion of the mix will be available when you scoop the tape, but the full experience is bound to its ferrous component.
released April 28, 2017

Price $8

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