RIYL: drone

Label: don't drone alone

Add Red is drone that will ease the soul. It borders on flying in to binaural beats within the six minute mark with its wobbling, ping-ponging, sub-bass. Add Red takes me back to my grandfather’s cabin on Bainbridge Island off the coast of Seattle and it also reminds me of the amber glow imbued in the “Just War/Unjust Peace” scene in Patlabor 2. What I like about drone is you can either divert all your focus to it or just have it on the background to supplement the work you’re hammering away at on the computer or on paper. Add Red is perfect, yet intriguing, choice for decompression after a hard day at work or to drift off to. It flows like a Linklater film, transitioning from one party scene to the next, with no regard for the audience – it’s transient and moves on when it wants to. Listen to Add Red on the Bandcamp player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

the irreplaceable sad_rave follows the instructions of michael pisaro's "add red" score to create a medley of shifting mass drone that's often cosy. he plays off sound and silence like dots and dashes, and sometimes just hangs out in the club with people who like to talk in spaces where they can't be heard.

backed with "one of those days (sad_red 3 organ mix)", a partial cover of the seany mac original of the same name.
released April 11, 2017

score by michael pisaro.
field recordings, sine waves, korg m1.
recorded between Aldershot and London.
club scenes from Chapter 10 and Rye Wax.

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