RIYL: Gas, William Basinski

Label: Magical Garage Taste

Bounty Research is distorted – from the cover to the contents within. The cover seems like you’re looking at a portion of Starry Night through some turbulent¬†water whilst drunk… or you could be looking at the lights shining on a nuclear reactor submerged in a pool. Let’s hope it’s not the latter. As “Weed Jag” turns on, it sounds as if Wolfgang Voigt dropped a track to his iconic¬†Pop album on his way to record it and tumbled down in to the dankest of swamps. About halfway through, it dabbles in beat music (think Botany) but then makes a return to the static-filled and borderline-loop music that ignited¬†Bounty Research. The second track, “Highland Sharks,” adheres to a stricter regimen than “Weed Jag” but about halfway through, once again, we get a change of mood. Except with “Highland Sharks,” the change of pace goes deeper down the rabbit hole of the unknown instead of taking a peak out of the swamp to look at the sun that struggles to break through the cotton-like fog that permeates your surroundings and every orifice. Listen to¬†Bounty Research¬†below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Hand-duplicated in real time on type I normal bias tape.

Price $4.25

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