RIYL: yyu, Recycle Culture, Botany, Lewis

Label: Celldeath

qualchan. (never forget the period after the name) is back with another spaced out release, and this time it comes from LA’s Celldeaththe spectacle. is a roughly forty-three minute long excursion with no track listing. Each song ebbs and flows and you’re rocked to sleep as you go deeper and deeper in to the smoke-filled rooms of the spectacle. qualchan. made this album with influences from Ted Kaczysnki and Guy Debord, and this is his expression of where he thinks humanity’s headed off to in the near (or not so near, who knows) future. qualchan. is weary and skeptical of how society has evolved and continues to evolve and echoes something everyone can get behind – the alienation of people from each other and from nature with the advent of portable technologies. the spectacle.‘s gloom isn’t inherent so much in the instrument choice, as much as the presentation. Each track is reminiscent of the foreboding Lewis. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of the cassette below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

the spectacle. was written in late summer/early fall of 2k16 & is influenced by ted kaczynski's anti-tech revolution: why & how & guy debord's the society of the spectacle. it is my sour take on new age & reflects my feelings towards the alienation of humans from each other & from nature & the rising wave of automation pressed on by late stage capitalism & what that means for human society at large.

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