RIYL: ambient with some IDM mixed in

Label: Fort Evil Fruit

Nocturnal Pools tiptoes in to your living room when you drop the needle, or rather start the tape in this case. “So light is her footfall,” as an AIR song goes. Ovis Aurum’s Nocturnal Pools is a slow-grower, and you’ll need to allot it some patience – it needs for the ice to melt off after being in the blistering cold. Nocturnal Pools is a happy medium between the disfigured, cracked rose lenses of Boards of Canada’s productions and the minimalist, mildly fuzzed IDM-bent compositions of KILN. The album bursts forth in to the room with the second track, ironically (in this case) named “Nature Is Not Your Friend,” once it warms up to this humble abode. Not too long after this boisterous introduction, the entity, so to speak, crawls back in to its shell and then begins the process of coming back out building up to the loudest point after the second track, “Aurifer” (aural Lucifer?). Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Nocturnal Pools below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released May 24, 2016

Written / Recorded by Gary James Geiler
Gratitude to Paul, Kev, Tim
For Wilda, Jessie, Arthur, Val, Tex, CH, MB, Stub

Based in Austin, TX, Ovis Aurum is also a member of duos Boa (with BAT) and Ixtab (with Blood Room), and has released music on labels such as Tymbal Tapes and Seagrave.
Nocturnal Pools consists of deeply atmospheric, understated but vividly tactile electronics, evoking urban spaces both overpopulated and abandoned.

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