RIYL: the unknown

Label: Spring Break Tapes

Anonymity is in vogue. Spring Break Tapes, an excellent cassette label based out of Los Angeles, is bringing the definition of “blind buying” up a notch. Due out in May/June, these two cassettes could be anything. This is for the risk taker and for those who trust Joe McKay’s curation concerning his five year old label. McKay won’t disclose who these tapes are by, and you’re probably not going to get any kind of preview between now and then. It’s actually rather impossible to guess who these cassettes are by, because McKay also claims that these two new artists have never released any material before. Spring Break Tapes, thus far, has dabbled in instrumental hip-hop, ambient and electronica thus far, but maybe McKay will introduce a sharp divergence when these cassettes finally release. Unless you’re super close with McKay, you’re probably not going to have any clue what you’re going to hear. For the open minded and the bold. Cheers!

The Details

Surprises are fun.
You have no idea who these new tapes are by.
You will not know who they are for an undetermined amount of time.
The only thing I will reveal is that they are both new artists who have never released material before.
There will only be 50 copies of each of these two new cassettes made.
For anyone who pre-orders this new batch, I will send you some sort of gift.
It may simply be a sticker, it may be a zine, it may be a piece of art... who knows?
Your pre-order will help fund these tapes being made.
You will also get both tapes at a discounted price.

So are you feeling adventurous?

Price $10

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