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Spring Break Tapes is at it again with their Mystery Batch series. There’s nothing to say about this, yet here I am… writing away… the artists this time aren’t unknown, unlike one year when you had a snowball’s chance in hell guessing who they were, but they won’t be disclosed. If you’re reading this, you’re certainly on the more adventurous side of listening and this is a perfect blind buy. If you feel like taking a chance, grab a copy below.

The Details

Remember that old mystery tape thing?
That was about 1 year ago.
You guys dug it last time... so here we are again.

Surprises are fun.
You have no idea who these new tapes are by.
You will not know who they are for an undetermined amount of time.

Last time both artists were new and had never released material before.
That's not the case this time although they are new to the SBT family.

There will be 100 copies of each of these three new cassettes made.
If you preorder, you get the super duper low price of $5 for each tape.

All orders will come with new SBT vinyl stickers which have been out of stock for a long time.

Lastly, your pre-order will help fund these tapes being made so thank you in advance.

Scroll down to get a sneak peek of the art.

Feeling adventurous?

Thanks to https://www.springbreaktapes.com/mystery-batch-2 for the tip!

Price $15

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