RIYL: UGK, classic house, garage

Label: Quiet Time

QTT3, the third installment in Quiet Time‘s series, is a chimera not unlike Baby’s QTT2. At any given time during this cassette’s run, there are at least two different forces at play, stretching your attention thin and keeping you alert as you try to find the locus point of the production. In the beginning, you hear what seems to be this heavily distorted jungle drum break that mutates in to something more bombastic then, like an elephant tranquilizer, goes straight in to this ambient soundscape that’s stuttering to get in to its hip-hop/future garage-esque form. It doesn’t want to stay in one place and this cassette feels like a hazy drugged out roller coaster ride. Other genres include nu-disco and classic house (think early Strictly Rhythm-esque), which the tape more or less maintains for the rest of the duration… the last breath of this surreal tape closes with a UGK track, albeit heavily distorted. Listen to the SoundCloud stream of QTT3 below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

23 minutes of original music on blue cassette tape. 2 copies of the cassette per case; one for you, one for a friend.

Stream for a limited time: soundcloud.com/quiettimetapes/money

Zine insert designed by Money
Album art by Kisa Sky Shiga

Price $13

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