RIYL: the warmth of a vinyl record


Punkt won’t dupe you like everybody’s favorite Ashton Kutcher, and certainly not of your experience. Punkt‘s deep shades of blue and black on the cover can’t help but make me think of the ocean and all the creepy crawlies that lie underneath its vast cover. This EP, or album if you’d like, doesn’t sound of this world and, with that, the sound sources are a bit ambiguous. The track names also have these surrealist, sci-fi esque names – “Thermokinematics,” “Skin Eruption.” As the tape reel turns, the recording goes further and further towards a subdued blissed out state on “Line Connecting Points of Equal Entropy” – the most atypical track of the bunch.  The synths chime playfully, and woozily, over this constant hiss and it has this je nais se quois that arouses this calmness in you. The other tracks could soundtrack an impending knife murder in a pitch black room. Listen to Punkt via the Bandcamp player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details


All tracks by Robert Skrzyński


Cover by Stuart Munro
released September 23, 2015

Price $8.5

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