RIYL: Enigmas

Label: Magical Garage Taste

As a heads up at the time of this writing, there’s only one copy left of this tape – I’m letting one of you have the chance to get it, though. The loonie has also dropped so low you’re already getting a discount – with current exchange rates, it’s only $4.12 ($6 CAD) for this extremely limited cassette. Memory Theatre’s Toxic Crystal Citadel is an exploration of urban ruins. It’s ambient music that’s befitting for the aftermath of a carpet bombing – watching buildings slowly crumble away. Toxic Crystal Citadel‘s despondency is rather impressive (or should I say depressive?). It’s running time only comes to be around twenty minutes, but due to the nature of the genre it feels as if the album goes for much longer than that – I don’t feel like this can be called an EP. Certain brands of ambient and drone have a tendency to warp time if you’re not keeping your eyes on a clock, and Toxic Crystal Citadel happens to be something that does it. Listen to Toxic Crystal Citadel below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Hand-duplicated in real time on type II high-bias tape.

Price $4.12

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