RIYL: Chuck Person, Macintosh Plus, Macross

Label: Celldeath

What I thought was dying and being usurped by future funk (which seems to just be mutating towards instrumental hip-hop…) is actually still among us. Yes, an honest to God vaporwave release in 2016, the year of our Lord. Unfortunately, I’m late to the punch regarding this but not too late as there are two remaining copies of this cassette remaining for the taking – preferably you readers do the taking. Now, as to what’s on the album… this is vaporwave to a T. The second track you may be familiar with. “Stay. With me.” This takes you back to the days you may or may not have experienced, much less remember. That time when pop had the right amount of cheese and elegance. Maroplume capitalizes on that and produces an eerie, yet catchy, album that’ll make you want to take a dip in a brightly lit pool in the middle of the night. Listen to the Bandcamp stream below of the album and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

All cassettes were dubbed in real time on a Kenwood deck. Comes in a clear Norelco case with double sided, full color J-card. Cassette includes 2 bonus tracks unavailable elsewhere!

Price $6

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