RIYL: Windy & Carl, early Her Space Holiday, Natural Snow Buildings, Charalambides

Label: Makrame Records

Once the reels start turning, you’ll feel as if you’ve died and woken up in a Buddhist temple in the middle of Nepal. Hellvete opens this split effort with a rather… let’s say “dopey” accordion waxing over bird chirps and fuzz. It’s something you might hear on a Radical Face record. Hellvete’s side of the tape marks the start of the incense flooding the room. “Mijnheerke…” is the beginning of an opiate-filled hypnosis and one where you feel the sweat bead on your face instantaneously as it rises out of your pores – “Over…” is just a continuation of that. “Bloedappelsienen…” brings you back around to the beginning, and at the same time signifying the ending – a vicious cycle. “Schipdonks…” plays you out of the temple as you wonder what just happened.

Woven Skull’s half is just as deceptive with its opening, with a romp through a village with a roaring bonfire in the middle of the night… and then you get sucked back in to that temple – the fire dies and the night consumes you. Hey, you even pay a visit to some Mormons. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Listen to the Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Hellvete - Oude Tijden

1 - Gouden Tuin
2 - Mijnheerke Van Maldegem
3 - Over Broekhuizes Velden
4 - Bloedappelsienen (gebogen versie)
5 - Schipdonks Oever

All music played and recorded by G.Steenkiste on various places between 2011 and 2015.

Thanks to Aritza Land. Love to Evy

Woven Skull - Hail to All Moving Things

1. Hail to all moving things
2. Night and nothing on the mountains
3. The Sun Sees Everything
4. Stopped by the clouds
5. A visit to the Mormons
6. Grey Animal
7. The Clouds came out of their homes to see us
8. Wind Smitten Trees

All Gamelan tracks recorded in Queens University, Belfast 2013.
All other tracks recorded in Drumnadubber Wood, Co leitrim, Ireland 2013-2014. Woven Skull is Natalia - Mandola,Aonghus-Guitar,Willie-percussion.Gamelan played by all three.

Artwork and design by : Johannes Schebler

makrame records 25 (2105)
released January 15, 2016

Price $7.59

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