RIYL: Vestals, Yagya, Windy & Carl, Belong, Benoît Pioulard, White Rainbow

Label: 8.50

This week, I had some bubbly things to write up with Expert Knob Twiddlers and Forage. Going back to Chicago label BARO, I follow up the blissed out ambience of Drape’s Forage (of which there are still copies at press time) with the meditative psychedelic soundscape of Gardener’s Here You Are Here released at the beginning of this year. The intro track, “From A Distance,” is relatively saccharine compared to what follows. Think of it as a lens focusing as its play time rolls on, or wiping away the steam from the window you look out from. “I’m With My Eyes Open” is a spaced out drone session with the synthesizers rolling in and out of focus. The sheer atmospherics of “I’m With My Eyes Open” might remind you of Füxa or earlier Windy & Carl. “I’m With My Eyes Open” paired with the last, and longest, track “The Disappearing Sea” makes for a mind-bending spell of ambience evocative of White Rainbow. Listen to Here You Are Here below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released January 19, 2016

Dash Lewis- modular synthesizer, voice, pedals
Recorded in Chicago, IL 2015 except "From A Distance," recorded in
Asheville, NC 2013

mastered by Sean McCann
photo by Dash
collage by Colin
Layout by Kevin

thanks to Rae Whitlock, Colin Blanton, Kevin Hein, Kyle Landstra, Kirikou the dog, the Oregon coast, Big Sur, and you.


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