RIYL: Ethernet

Label: Otherworldly Mystics

I think I’ve just come across another stellar cassette label, thanks to Aidan Hanratty’s Bandcloud e-mail. On top of that, this release comes at the dirt-cheap price of $5.¬†EMBASSY is a (roughly) forty minute voyage out to the vast ocean, sprinkled with some fragments of 80s/90s new age and vaporwave. If you’re wanting to further explore this label… to give a reference point for the A E S T H E T I C¬†¬†sensibillities, I think¬†Otherworldly Mystics and¬†Orange Milk might be¬†bedfellows…

To refer back to my new age comment, EMBASSY is what would happen to new age if, instead of acid, it took more of a liking to heroin. As¬†EMBASSY plays on, it draws you in deeper in to its seemingly infinite depths, effortlessly hypnotizing you like the siren it is. Time seems to slow down when you put this on… Listen to the Bandcamp stream of¬†EMBASSY below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released May 13, 2016

Music by Toby Alden
Art by Sam Alden

Price $5

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