RIYL: Loscil

Label: Auditory Field Theory

Easychord and Forest Management – two peaceful sounding monikers creating, you guessed it, peaceful sounding music which is something the world will never have enough of. As I listen to the excerpts from Landforms, I’m reminded, oddly enough, of the Resident Evil 4 pause screen as its otherworldly organ chords drone onward in the latter part of the excerpts… On the cover, you’ll notice a patio with full view of what I want to believe is the ocean – I’m assuming this by the look of railing, the floor paneling, and the chair. Hey, this could be a lakeside resort for all I know and they just keep that lake looking like glass. Either way, you don’t see yourself staring down a sunset from this relatively opulent porch as you listen to this – you see yourself staring at the horizon, blanketed in a charcoal gray sky that conceals a passionate tequila sunset, with a fair mist hitting your face. Listen to the excerpts from Landforms below via the Soundcloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Landforms is a split album between ambient artists Easychord (IT) and Forest Management (US). The two began discussing a possible collaboration during the Spring of 2014, e-mailing back and forth on various topics that border existentialism, the concept of "abyss", and a shared interest in nocturnal skyline viewing. After more than a year of busy schedules, Landforms has materialized - an album that represents a deeper conversation between two men on two different sides of the Atlantic.

Easychord music is a sort of mantra of perceptive sonic adventure, structured through the rhythmic alternation of layered loops, repetition, shapes and movements. Closer to the concept of the "sound of memory", his music represents a universe in itself, a primeval, haunting and amniotic world.

Forest Management (a.k.a. U.S. electronic musician John Daniel) uses digitally-processed recordings of sound sources like the piano and synthesizer to sculpt entirely new sonic hues, for the purpose of composition. His warm, fluorescent-like brand of drone has often been said to contain a cinematic, dream-like presence.


A1 Easychord - Kame Delta (8:17)
A2 Easychord - In a Tense World (6:47)
A3 Easychord - Nueva Caledonia (8:29)
B1 Forest Management - Remaining Spaces (8:41)
B2 Forest Management - Loft (3:38)
B3 Forest Management - An Extended Time of Decision (8:10)

Mastered by Theodore Schafer
Artwork by Marina Danic
Turin Italy / Cleveland Ohio (Winter 2015)

includes auditory field theory logo sticker (81mm x 81mm)

Price $7

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