RIYL: Lee Bannon

Label: Hospital Productions

RESO-REC-TAH-TAH-TAH-TAH-TA- oh, no, we’re not getting that Lee Bannon here, whose real name is Fred Warmsley by the way. $uccessor walks a fine line between new age/Enya, ambient, and rejected 80s sci-fi anime music at times. Dedekind Cut seems to be advertised as a total transition from Lee Bannon, so perhaps Warmsley is tired of the amen break and providing fuel for all-night warehouse raves.  $uccessor‘s cover is certainly… unique. It draws your eye, and whose eye wouldn’t be drawn especially with those horses’ eyes practically bulging out of their ridiculously long skulls. You wonder why the guy on the right has his face covered with a bandana, and why his shirt, upon close inspection, appears to be incomplete rather than torn up to be a poncho. You get the feeling that the guy to the left, with his blank expression, is the leader. $uccessor is a sign of strange times, and is a sign that Dedekind Cut’s going to have some interesting fruit to bear. Listen to the Bandcamp stream for $uccessor below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

$uccessor is the first full length project by Dedekind Cut. 004
Record Label: NON (vinyl only) / Hospital (cassette only)
released November 11, 2016

All music composed and produced by Fred Warmsley


Personnel : Available 11/1/16

track list:

1.Descend from now


3.Conversations with angels

4.Fear in reverse






Bonus Songs : Exclusive to Bandcamp purchases

Bonus {1} "Untitled"

Bonus {2} "In A Room"

Bonus {3} "Ayahuasca binary 0|0 "

Bonus {3} "repəˈtiSHən”

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