RIYL: the morning dew

Label: Spare No Expanse

For the time being, this is unfortunately the last thing I can write up from Spare No Expanse. On the cover of Curacy’s Through, you’ll see what could be the iridescence stemming from an oil slick… or just paint mixing in water. Atte Toumala, aka Curacy, hails from Finland and you don’t normally associate Finland with heat and sunshine. You associate Finland with harsh winter and legends like Simo H√§yh√§¬†– a country not for the feint of heart, like this album. On Through, you simply find yourself conscious, drifting in a dark blue lake in the middle of nowhere, with snow-covered pines as far as the eye can see. How you got to where you are isn’t clear, but it’s nothing your handy imagination can’t make up for.¬†Through is saturated with emotion, but you feel a detachment from its monolithic display because it expresses its emotions with such gravity you almost can’t empathize. You feel lost and confused… and I tend to like that. This takes “arctic ambient” to another level. Listen to¬†Through below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Run of 40 white tapes. Full color j-card with art by Pascal Janssen.

Price $6

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