RIYL: early Broken Social Scene


Happy new year to all of our readers. Did you make any resolutions? Maybe you made a resolution to drink less because of that hangover you’ve still got from a couple nights ago, or even last night. Perhaps you made a resolution to listen to more music. Well, Sly Vinyl can help you if you made a resolution like the latter but the former perhaps we can help in a more abstract way. When you’re hungover, you’re not particularly fond of the sun, light in general, or erratic noise. Well, hey, maybe you’re like that when you’re sober too… There’s no proven hangover cure, aside from maybe mainlining saline solution, but perhaps listening to relaxing music is in your repertoire. Boliden is back with¬†Surfaces on¬†SEAGRAVE¬†and he manages to channel the world of ambient and post-rock successfully once more, a la¬†Feel Good Lost. 2017’s already looking quite a bit brighter than 2016. Let’s hope it stays that way. Listen to a preview of¬†Surfaces below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Music by José Delgado

Mastered by Philippe Durocher

Art by Graeme Swinton

releases January 18, 2017

Price $9.82

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