RIYL: Tony Robbins

Label: self-released

If you live in Texas (specifically up north), you’ve probably heard the name “Tony Robbins” mentioned a time or two recently. Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker, recently held a seminar in North Texas and had his attendees walk on coals as a test of their willpower, or something to that effect. This went exactly as well you think it would’ve gone – many people burned their feet severely and had to be hospitalized. Amulets is based in Austin, so I’m not sure if this is directly inspired by this event or if this is a divine coincidence. This is quite the Texas album, if he did make this because of what transpired in the news. With Personal Power,¬†Amulets seeks to make a commentary on the brainwashing nature of motivational speaking and the vapidity that all too often accompanies “self-help” pitching. He’s repurposed Robbins’ numerous supplies for his cassettes and has preserved his “brain washing message¬†for your personal (power) enjoyment.” Listen to¬†Personal Power below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

This very limited edition two tape release of Personal Power is handmade from recycled vintage Tony Robbins motivational tapes. Every part of the original packaging has been recycled and used, from the notes/study guide, to the motivational tapes themselves. The full album is spread across both cassettes, while side B of tape 2 is the original, preserved Tony Robbins brain washing message for your personal (power) enjoyment.

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