RIYL: nature

Label: Spring Break Tapes

So it turns out Spring Break Tapes also released Amulets’ Auras the same day as Avery Gabbiano’s Oracles & Chambers (which I wrote up yesterday). The theme of a focus on the bones of a place, and not the furnishings, remains with Auras (in line with the latest few releases of Spring Break TapesAuras, from what can be heard in the preview, is summer encapsulated in to tape complete with cricket chirps droning in to the hot, sticky air – an all too familiar sound if you ever happen to take a stroll at night. Funnily enough, the song’s title (the excerpt I’m going off of this for this quick and dirty rundown) is “The Coldest Time Was Always Midnight.” I know it’s probably not referring to the temperature, but I digress… You can also hear what seems to be a train going over the tracks accompanying these assorted bug noises. Near the end of the preview, it fades in to a lofty swath of drone akin to something you’d hear on a Stars of the Lid record. Listen to “The Coldest Time Was Always Midnight” below via the Soundcloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Randall Taylor aka Amulets has quickly become a staple in the cassette community self releasing the majority of his work. He fuses lush drones and layers of processed guitar loops along with samples from his vast library of field recordings which result in elegant and nostalgic long-form compositions. Fans will hear similarities here compared to previous work but undoubtedly will also notice Amulets honing his talents on Auras, giving us one of his finest tapes to date.

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