RIYL: Sebadoh, Alex G, Dinosaur Jr, Superchunk, Teenage Fanclub

Label: Super Fan 99

Tune in/turn on to Navy Gangs, über-catchy DIY lo-fi indie-pop from NYC!

I first heard the EP-opener “Special Glands” a few months back, and it hit me like a bottle to the back of my head. Straight up premium power-pop in a slacker-suit, with a fuzzed-up guitar rough enough to chop a wired barbed-fence in two like that. SNAP!   As it turns out, all 4 tracks on this EP is as solid as anything I’ve heard from the bedroom since Alex G’s DSU!  By far my most treasured mini-album this year, be sure to tune in!

You. must. listen. to. this. EP.

As all Super Fan 99-releases,  this is one to grab ASAP! Ultra-limited and a future collector’s item. These guys are bound to go places.

Navy Gangs

Pressed in 30 copies only on a sweet Black & White Sandwich-tape, handnumbered and divided into 3 cover-variants:

#1-10 fluorescent orange,

#11-20  green glow,

#21-30 classic black & white.

Sold in order of first come first served.



The Details

3 x hand numbered black & white sandwich cassette editions as follows, 1-10 in fluorescent orange, 11-20 in green glow, 21-30 classic black & white. Sold in order of first come first served. Causing a stir in NYC right now this is the first release from the Omaha band. 90s bands like Superchunk, Teenage Fanclub and Dinosaur Jr spring to mind when listening which had us instantly hooked but there is also a definite hint of influence of bands from their hometown label Saddle Creek too. The Self Titled Navy Gangs EP was recorded in Noah’s grandmother's home by Joey Kimono straight to 2 inch tape and was mixed and mastered by Steve Marion of Delicate Steve. This one has been hotly anticipated after a slew of amazing press and radio play and is sure to sell like hot cakes. With a US release on a much grander scale this is the one to bag! Don't miss out!

Price $6

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