RIYL: Horse Jumper of Love, Soft Fangs, all these amazing DA artists

Label: Disposable America

Hats off to Disposable America for contributing to the silver lining of love & support for the LGBTQ community in a time of heartbreak. Following the recent tragedy in Orlando, the Boston-based boutique label has decided to donate 100% of the profits from both digital and physical sales of their full-to-the-brim mixtape, SPECIAL INTEREST, to the Pulse Tragedy Community Fund. The lead single below—a somber, fuzzed take on “What The World Needs Now Is Love” performed by Coaches—captures the ache for a more compassionate humanity we’ve all been feeling these past few days.

The Details

First pressing of 100 cassettes. Out July 15th, 2016.

1. Infinity Girl - Ask
2. Horse Jumper of Love - Orange Peeler
3. Saccharine - The Underside Of Leaves
4. halfsour - Never Fun
5. Lost Film - As You Were
6. claire cottrill - melancholy girl
7. Du Vide - Word Vomit (Tour Demo)
8. Nothing There - Don't Deserve
9. Cloud Cover - Happy Now
10. teenender - pen2paper
11. Choke Up - Hart
12. Lubec - Clipped Wings
13. Soft Fangs - Dead Pianos
14. Coaches - What The World Needs Now Is Love 03:23
15. Kitner - Let U Down
16. Holiday Music - Swarm
17. Pet Grief - Marks The Spot
18. community college - broken back
19. Shytalk - Chains (feat. Sander Bryce)
20. Big Nice - Pop
21. Puppy Problems - More Water
22. Leaner - Brainwaves
23. Strange Mangers - Skeptic
24. Space Mountain - Cup Of Coffee
25. Easter. - America Land
26. Twin Foxes - Own Eyes

SPECIAL INTEREST is the second DA mixtape, featuring previously unreleased material from DA family and friends.

100% of proceeds from digital sales and 100% of profits from physical sales will be donated to the Pulse Tragedy Community Fund.

For more information on PTCF or to donate directly || www.gofundme.com/29bubytq.

Price $5

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