RIYL: GY!BE's country cousin

Label: Baby Tooth

It looks like Baby Tooth in Tucson is releasing OHIOAN’s EMPTY / EVERY MT on limited cassette! First, I’d like to note that the fidelity of the recording is astonishing – it feels like you’re actually there, even in this digital format. Second, I know I labeled this under “country/alt-country” and “folk,” but this isn’t a normal variant of either genre. In its totality, this record actually sort of reminds me of ALLELUJAH! DON’T BEND! ASCEND! if that took a detour through the Appalachians. The Middle Eastern influence is apparent on both records, so that’s probably lending to my reminiscence. Listen to a few singles available at the moment and see what you think of them. Cheers!


The Details

EMPTY / EVERY MT is an album about the "Appalachian Desert," a concept created by Ohioan band-leader Ryne Warner. He posits that one day mountaintop removal and mining will level the forests of Appalachia, turning once lush land into an arid desert-scape not unlike parts of the American West and North Africa. The music here was made using the sounds associated with those places--banjo, dobro, jaw harp, dulcimer, African scales, the electric guitar, modal tunings. The result is an image of Warner's Appalachian Desert rendered in sound.

Thanks to Baby Tooth for the tip!

Price $7

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