The Band
Way Yes is at times joyous, at times bitterly sad, but through it they carry a sense of hope all tied up in a beautifully consistent sound.
In early 2010 in Columbus, Ohio the musical collaboration of Glenn D. Davis Sr and Travis M. Hall Sr. With the addition of multi-instrumentalist Maxwell N. Lewis Sr, and percussionist Timothy W.H. Horak Sr, the band set out to create feel good music with a dark twist.

The Releases


Catalog Number: SVR12
Band: Way Yes
Album: Tuna Hair

First Press:
‘Watermelonebula’ Vinyl LP (/28)
Random Color Vinyl LP (/300)



Way Yes 350x350

Catalog Number: SVR02
Band: Way Yes
Album: Tog Pebbles

First Press: Purple Marbled LP (/300)