I had the chance to chat with Taylor Goldsmith, singer and guitarist for Dawes last week for Cincymusic.com as they head to town next week for a show. Taylor talked pretty in depth about their recording process and how to keep things interesting from album to album.  We also talked about what it is about Dawes that has landed them on the stage with a diverse cast of characters over the years (Conor Oberst, Bob Dylan, Alison Kraus, Alabama Shakes, and more).

“People come to the shows and they say “Wow Griff, I didn’t know you played drums like that” or “Wow, Taylor, I didn’t know you sang or played guitar like that.” And it made us think “well if that’s what your thinking, then our records must be not doing their job to a certain extent” ya know?  So we really wanted to make a record where that was put across, and so we did. I sang with the band,we played solos right there with the band, we all kind of reacted to each other, and we ended up with a record that sounds like it in our opinion. And we’re very proud of it for that reason.”

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