There are shows I look forward to because they are fun to photograph, shows I look forward to because they put on an amazing show, shows I look forward to because I’m a huge fan of the artist, but it’s a high point of the concert season when all of those happen for the same show. Every year, Tedeschi Trucks Band and their Wheels of Soul Tour are one of those shows.

This is an extraordinary time for the band with the release of their epic four-part I Am The Moon album series. It’s a genuinely incredible undertaking with 4 albums and 4 films, distinct and at the same time, deeply connected with a total of 24 original songs inspired by classical literature – the themes and story of Layla and Majnun – reimagined through a modern lens of blazing rock and roll.

Released June 3, I Am The Moon: Episode I. Crescent — the project’s first release — has been called “one of the strongest pieces of music they’ve ever done” by Rolling Stone, who goes on to marvel at the album’s ambitious scope by asking, “Who even dares to do anything like this anymore?” A 4-star MOJO review praises Derek’s guitar playing on “Pasaquan,” Crescent’s instrumental climax, as “stinging, dextrous, raga-blues brilliance,” while AllMusic deems it “dazzling in concept and execution.” Listen here:  HERE.

Released July 1, I Am The Moon: Episode II. Ascension continues the unique fusion of ancient narrative and highly personal reflection with the urge to soar that is second nature to the best rock and roll big band in America.   Listen HERE.

In addition, each installment of I Am the Moon features its own album length companion film that will debut three days prior to each audio release via their YouTube Channel.  The immersive films feature studio and performance footage with atmospheric photography and offer fans the chance to experience the music as the band intended, in an unbroken, communal setting.    You can watch the 2 released thus far here;  Crescent filmAscension film.

I Am The Moon was a collaborative band effort crossing blues, soul, funk, country, jazz and gospel — that coalesced into an expansive, experimental and emotive whole. Taken together, it’s a meditation on love, life, and our shared humanity—an unabashedly grand and masterful statement.